Jessenia Nozzolillo

About Jessenia

Jessenia is a published author, psychic medium, and worldwide teacher of all things spiritual. Her mission is to bring you to a place of healing, knowing and clarity. Through her gifts as an Akashic Records guide and psychic medium, Jessenia is able to unlock your specific soul’s database. She has created a process called soul reintegration to explore your soul’s deepest wounds and lifetimes of blocks, so that they can be healed.

A Bit About Akashic Records

The Akashic Records are a database of information containing all that there is to know about your soul, including: soul origins and aspects, past, present, and future lives, and spiritual gifts. Discover your soul’s characteristics with Jessenia by your side, your very own personal guide.

Book Jessenia for your upcoming special event!

Jessenia is available to speak and share her gifts and teachings at your next event. She offers community spiritual outreach events, gift coaching workshops, and more.

Jessenia is here to help!

Jessenia Nozzolillo is a 5th generation gifted soul but the first to actively use her gifts to assist others publicly. Since discovering and developing her gifts, she has worked with thousands of people worldwide. In the first year of her business, she has developed a Spiritual Development class, began a Compassion Congregation Spirit Circle, created her own Akashic Record Healing System and written ‘Spiritual Development with the New England Psychic Medium’. 

Paranormal Activity

Are you interested in paranormal experiences? Are you experiencing a haunting and need some guidance? Jessenia is available for guidance and support. Visit our paranormal page to learn about the paranormal activity Jessenia herself has experienced.


Enhance the spiritual guidance you have already gained, and gain greater knowledge on your healing and growth with Jessenia’s collection of informational blogs.

The Healing Space

Use this as your own personal healing space with access to Jessenia’s mantras and favorite guided meditations. Master the path to your highest vibrational self and deepen your connection to your soul.