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Teri Rasmussen Potter
Jessenia is such a warm, compassionate, beautiful person that has helped me in my journey by giving me knowledge of the big picture in my life and areas I need to work on to open my path in life. it's easy to get caught up the day to day struggles but with her help she made me see that I can overcome those and make my life everything it was written to be. she spreads love and light to those that need it. thank you for sharing your gifts with me Jessenia.
Cathy Cummings Coughlin
I had a two hour session recently. Although it was done remotely I could FEEL Jessenia clearing, opening and healing my chakras. Her follow up report was so detailed and answered any questions I might have had. Jessenia is the REAL DEAL. She is so gifted but so down to earth. You won’t be disappointed.
Valerie MacDonald
I have done the spiritual development class, past life regressions, and am an active member in the compassion congregation. Before starting my journey, I could say I was a little lost in life. I didn't know what to expect, although even if I felt 10% less overwhelmed with life it would have felt like a success. This blew my initial 10% expectation out of the water. I feel grounded, my heart is full, and for the first time in my life I feel whole. Life changing for sure. Do not be nervous that this is not in person, at first it felt like this different approach was weird as most people I have worked with on a spiritual level have been face to face. I have made more progress with this work in 4 months than I have in the 10 years I've been doing "in person" sessions. Good luck to all of you on your journey!
Melissa Willowhawk
You guys!!! This is the class you want to take and the person you want to do your reports! I’ve been in the healing arts for 18 years and I had been feeling like I’m not doing ALL of what I should. “Something” drew me to Jessenia’s class and it has been a beautiful and amazing journey! So much to learn, so much to see about blockages and so much to be proud of yourself and your soul for. I learned about gifts I didn’t even realize I had but had been using minimally. And most importantly I’m making real connections with my higher self now. (I’ve been trying to do that with very limited results for 23 years!) I am grateful for her guidance and her gifts. I am grateful for the healing, the class and the knowledge. I am looking forward to learning more with her in the future too.


— What drives you to share your gifts for healing?

“ What drives me? — Since childhood, I always had a passion for being a part of the solution. Being raised poor, homeless, and hungry, in an abusive family to an addict father, it was very clear to me early on that I was surviving on the kindness and generosity of those who cared: those compassionate humans who understood that one child was all children. But it also awakened a harsh reality within me. Yes, there are kindhearted souls who would give a meal to feed a hungry child — but there are also those lacking enough consciousness and humanity to care. It occurred to me that we were breeding a world in which the latter seemed to thrive, while the compassionate are often left depleted and drained from their efforts to make a dent in the scale of “compassion” vs “selfishness.” 

Living in poverty and abuse fueled a passion within me to get to the root of this humanitarian imbalance, to find the “why” behind humanity’s disappearing compassion and the constantly tipping scales that fuel wars and force people into a state of ignorance or self-defense.

The answer was trauma. It occurred to me that we are carrying forward the generational trauma of our ancestors, along with our own past life blocks to growth. We see the world through the layers of suffering, which makes it extremely difficult to reconnect to our sense of love, sense of community, and compassion.

The solution? Healing. Healing mends the wounds we have carried with us for generations and lifetimes. Each wound healed brings us closer to the state of love. This is the next evolution of humanity: healing enough to awaken the masses into a newly found state of compassion, a true utopia.


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