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Gift Activations

To see all, you must be willing to see the good and the bad.

What’s that mean to me? This was one of the largest breakthroughs in my own gift evolution. I knew that fear was a block to vision. If we are scared to see the truth then our kind can lead us away from it. It’s a self defense mechanism. We “shut off” the sensors and block the vision.

Now imagine someone who cannot see their own shadows, weaknesses, failures. Someone who thinks they were never wrong and never made a mistake. That is 100% unreasonable. We are human. The definition of human lies in the idea that we learn through experience and that means we trip, fail, make dumb decisions UNTIL WE LEARN BETTER and grow. But someone who REFUSES to see and face their own failures doesn’t magically become better, they just blind themselves to half of their reality. Half of their identity and existence. This isn’t inspired by arrogance. It’s inspired by pure fear. People who cannot gather the courage to face their shadow, avoid it because they are full aware of the secrets that lie there and are hoping that if they don’t address them then they will never have to admit the horrific reality, guilt, pain, suffering and negativity that lies right beneath the surface of their false persona.

A block to vision is a block to all vision. This also includes gifts. If we are functioning in this limitation and afraid of facing our fears, looking within and facing that shadow self out gifts stay limited and our vision narrow.

Healing —> Gift Activations.

One issue many clients face is their fears are tied to things they can’t remember, because it was so traumatic they simply don’t want to go back. This is where I come in. To help dig, face, release and then clear these fears so that you can focus on the ones in this life.

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