Jessenia Nozzolillo

The Miracle of Healing with Lisa Campion

Soul Healer Jessenia Nozzolillo shares her secrets of how to heal at a past life level. As we evolve our connection to our soul, shed our ego, and reintegrate the soul to self, we will notice that our perspective shifts. We no longer see our choices in this life as punishment; we see them as part of the plan. We are no longer the victims of our circumstances, but the divine creators of our reality and circumstances.


[Click Here to Listen]Jessenia Nozzolillo is a world renowned psychic medium, New England Psychic Medium. She is a gifted Akashic Realm channeler. Part of her gifts include the ability to see past-lives, spiritual gifts and reprogram the body and soul for intense healing. She has lifetimes of using and developing her skills for the purpose of assisting and sharing knowledge to assist humanity in the soul evolution process.