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Jessenia’s mission and gift is soul healing, which she performs through using her abilities as a psychic medium and Akashic records reader. The Akashic Records are a database of information containing all that there is to know about your soul, including: soul origins and aspects, past, present, and future lives, and spiritual gifts. Jessenia is the creator of a process called soul reintegration. This is an exploration of your soul’s deepest wounds, and lifetimes of blocks, which are brought into the light so that they can be healed. She is also a worldwide spiritual teacher, speaker, and published author.

Time and distance are not an obstacle to your spiritual healing and development journey!

Jessenia’s gifts are not limited by time or distance. Please keep this in mind when scheduling your session.

This booking video is described to outline the booking process and sessions. Please watch before booking.

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Want to work with Jessenia privately?

Jessenia is available for virtual coaching and guidance bookings. Jessenia will connect you to spiritual guidance, coaching and continued healing and growth. Please remember that Jessenia generally books 2-3 months out, so it is wise to schedule your session as soon as possible.


Please take notice that if you are pregnant or could be pregnant, please first email Jessenia directly at BEFORE booking any session.


Book Jessenia for your upcoming special event!

Jessenia is available to speak and share her gifts and teachings at your next event. She offers community spiritual outreach events, gift coaching workshops, and more.